Prototype wiring harness can be made to the customers exact specifications from drawings provided by the customer. We would work closely with the customer ensuring the harness be made with the correct dimensions, wires and connectors.

We offer to make prototype harness for any type of machinery and all kinds of purposes.


Production harnesses can be made to the exact specifications that the customer requires. These harnesses can be made in any amount of volumes from 10’s to 1000’s if required. We also offer any size  harness and wire amounts ranging from a simple switching circuit to a complex cab panel harnesses. We also do potting of switches and switch bases.


We can supply various makes of Vintage tractor, truck and car harnesses. This includes the correct coverings, whether it be tape or braid and all supplied with the correct wire covers.

We can make from old or if the harness isn’t available we can arrange for us to come and measure up any length or size or age of vehicle.


We can supply parts at the customers request including-

  1. Printed wire cut to length whether vintage or new.

  1. Conduit in various sizes, cut and split to length.

  1. Plugs, connectors and terminals.

  1. Rolls of tape & sleeve both in various colours.


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